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3 Greener Options For Heating Your New Home

estesfeetWhen you think about heating your home, do oil or radiators come to mind? Your home can easily be green or more “eco friendly”, saving you hundreds of dollars per year and saving the environment at the same time! Take a look at these three green options, which are easily becoming the most popular ways to heat your home.

Radiant Floor Heat
Radiant Floor Heat is an option that many people don’t know about. For those that do know, using radiant floor heat can be great if you want to keep your feet toasty all winter. Unlike oil, radiant floor heat is designed to bring the heat up. You’ll no longer have to worry about your feet being freezing, while your head is overheating, because radiant heat is designed to rise. All parts of you are warm at the same time. And unlike noisy radiators, you’ll be able to forget you have a heat source going because it’s quiet, allowing you to enjoy the peace and comfort of your home in silence. Although radiant heating can initially be expensive to install, especially if you don’t have pre-existing floor tubes, it pays for itself with a thirty percent decrease in energy costs.

Natural Gas
Natural gas is a great alternative to oil, since heating the average American home can cost almost $3,000 in one winter. If you want to switch from oil to gas, you’re in good company. It’s popular for a reason: the majority of Americans have made the switch, paying just under $1,000 to heat their homes all winter long. If you’re wondering why there’s such a stark difference in price, look to the Middle East and rising oil costs for your answer. Natural gas prices have stayed consistent, compared to the fluctuating prices of oil. Again, be prepared to shell out some initial money to set up natural gas and get an efficient gas furnace, but the money is an investment in keeping your home warm.

Pellet Stoves
It’s highly likely you’ve never heard of a pellet stove, but maybe you’re familiar with the wood stove. A pellet stove is similar, except instead of feeding it logs and fire wood, a pellet stove is fed “pellets” of wood made from sawdust or wood shavings. Unlike the wood stove, ashes are minimal with a wood stove, and a fan in the hopper circulates the heat around your home. This is not an option for everybody, but if your home is feeling drafty, a pellet stove can be a great alternative to standard heating options.

When heating your home, it’s always important to do your research and find out which option is best for you. However, being green and saving money are two great upsides to using one of these heating options during winter!

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