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4 Tips for Hiring the Best Home Builder in Maine

Hiring a maine home builder

Let’s face it, building a custom home is a big deal and hiring the best home builder for the job is an even bigger deal. The time and energy that goes into visualizing the right foundation for you and your family is consuming and at times can be very stressful. Finishing on budget and on time is no easy feat either. You have to ask yourself some tough questions when you’re looking to hire a custom home builder: who can you trust and who do you feel comfortable and “at home” with? You could spend a great deal of time, searching for someone who not only sees the visions and the desires that you hold, but who can also create and deliver those visions and desires. Sit back and relax- we’re here to help, and that’s why we’ve come up with the following four tips for hiring the best home builder in Maine.

1.     Know your home builder

2.     Find a home builder who you can trust and rely on

3.     Ensure that your home builder puts customer satisfaction first

4.     Don’t get pushed around

Know Your Home Builder

Ask yourself what services they offer, and at what cost? Estes Custom Builders is here to do the extra work for you. They not only offer expert tradesmen for the construction piece of the puzzle, but they also offer up a team of professionals who can help with lot selection, permitting, architectural design and engineering. In addition, Estes Custom Builders knows that every budget is important, and that’s why they have budget tracking system that tracks the cost of your custom home and the timeline that has been established to ensure continuity from start to finish.

Find a Home Builder Who You Can Rely On and Trust

What are some important characteristics that you would want to find in the best home builder? Estes Custom Builders is a reliable and trustworthy home builder who serves all of Central and Southern Maine. Estes Custom Builders may be a smaller company, but no job is too big. With an expert team of craftsmen who use only the highest quality materials, you can count on Estes Custom Builders to be as invested in your new home as you are. Hiring a home builder that can see your vision is great; hiring a home builder that can bring your vision to life is a necessity.

Ensure That Your Home Builder Puts Customer Satisfaction First

Rest assured that Estes Custom Builders has your best interests in mind. Offering the personal attention that each and every customer deserves is at the core of Estes Custom Builders vision and values. Estes believes that the relationship between a builder and a new home buyer is not just a business relationship, but a personal relationship as well. Hiring Estes Custom Builders means you’ll rest assured knowing that a true partnership has been established, and that your interests and concerns are their interests and concerns.

Don’t Get Pushed Around

The best home builder is the one that’s in it for you and not just for the business. Estes Custom Builders is focused on quality, and therefore, will never rush through a custom home building project. Their goal is to bring you a truly unique home that fits your lifestyle, your vision, your timeline and on your budget.

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