Our First Realtor Mixer Was A Big Success!

lecture imageRecently, Estes Custom Builders held a mixer to introduce local Real Estate Agents to a few great new industry tools. We welcomed independent real estate agents as well as some from local or national agencies. The first 45 minutes of the mixer served as a networking event, allowing agents enjoy hors d’oeuvres and wine while meeting each other and becoming acquainted with Nick Estes and his new realtor incentive program.

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Turning An Older House Into A Beautiful, Modern Home

Turning An Older House Into A Modern Home

Another Beautiful Summer, Another Great Project!
Here at Estes Custom Builders we’ve had a busy Summer! The warmer months are a perfect time for us to do big projects, and we’re always excited to show off the end result. This case was unique because the home had been vacant for 10 years and needed a lot of work. When we first saw the house at 74 Illsely Street in Portland we saw how much potential it had and knew that with some hard work we could turn it into a beautiful home.

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Green Home Design

Site Orientation
This is where Green Home Design begins. You must work with your contract home builder to examine the geography of your parcel of land. High plateau property sites require vastly different considerations than low lying water aggregate sites. Think retaining walls versus drainage ditches or living on a hill versus living in a bowl.

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Estes Reports Ideal Conditions for New Home Construction in Maine this 2012 Spring/Summer Season

New Home Construction in Maine During these uneasy economic times, especially for Maine homeowners, silver linings can be hard to come by. Fortunately, Estes Custom Builders understands the plight of first time homebuyers and offers them considerable shelter from the storm — 100% financing shelter that is.

With RE/MAX reporting a “stabilization in median home prices,” it looks like 2012’s spring/summer season is turning out to be an ideal time to build for first time Maine homeowners. Maine’s Rural Development Program helps first time homebuyers qualify for 100% financing and Estes Custom Builders has taken notice.

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4 Tips for Hiring the Best Home Builder in Maine

Hiring a maine home builder

Let’s face it, building a custom home is a big deal and hiring the best home builder for the job is an even bigger deal. The time and energy that goes into visualizing the right foundation for you and your family is consuming and at times can be very stressful. Finishing on budget and on time is no easy feat either. You have to ask yourself some tough questions when you’re looking to hire a custom home builder: who can you trust and who do you feel comfortable and “at home” with? You could spend a great deal of time, searching for someone who not only sees the visions and the desires that you hold, but who can also create and deliver those visions and desires. Sit back and relax- we’re here to help, and that’s why we’ve come up with the following four tips for hiring the best home builder in Maine.

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Finding the Right Home Builder in Maine

Maine Home Builder

Finding the right home builder who can transform your visions into reality is not an easy job. Endless searches, multiple referrals and several phone calls can all lead you right back to where you started. How do you find the right custom builder for your home building needs? When searching for the right Maine home builder, you want to consider several different things:

·       What characteristics does the right home builder have?

·       Who is a home builder that I can trust?

·       How do I find a home builder who will make me feel comfortable and at ease with the process?

·       Where do I go to find out more information on a home builder that I’m considering?

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How to Pick the Right Maine Home Building Contractor

Maine Home Building Contractor

Know What You Don’t Know

Picking the right contractor is the most important step in any home construction or remodeling project. Few things are more frustrating than trusting a contractor to complete a home build or renovation, only to find out later that the work was not done correctly.

On the other hand, nothing feels better than coming back to the home of your dreams. The best way to ensure your experience is a pleasant one is to educate yourself as to how the process should go. No one want’s to be overcharged, have work left unfinished or deal with poor quality; not to mention messy work areas or legal problems. Below are some helpful tips to help you find the best Maine Home Building Contractor:

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