Estes Custom Builders delivers the highest quality commercial building services to the Southern Maine area. We work with owners to design and build the perfect space for a new business, or renovate an existing space. Our team of creative designers and talented subcontractors will work with you, ensuring a high-quality experience and finished product.

We offer a wide variety of commercial services to better your business and specialize in retrofitting, where we work within the parameters of a building to bring about renovations. Portland, Maine is full of older buildings, especially those in historical districts, and have provided us with experience that counts.

If you are considering how renovations could help better your business, just take a look at some of the benefits our services can bring to you. We help:

• Maximize traffic flow through your store or business.
• Add proper lighting to better showcase your products or displays.
• Help your business meet all ADA standards.
• Design for HVAC, electrical and plumbing.
• Perform abatement services (removal of hazardous material.)
• Provide custom designs to retrofit older buildings.

Our meticulous eye for detail and strategy are just a few of the things that set Estes Custom Builders apart from our competition. Maintaining long-term relationships with our clients is our highest priority. We take business owners and building managers through every step of the build process and, with over eight years in commercial construction for hospitality and restaurants, we have gained a reputation for excellence.

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