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Easy Ways To Get Your Home Ready For The Colder Months

5328453155_6c88615878_nPrepare now before the snow falls
Now that the days are getting chillier, it’s the ideal time to think about winterizing your home. Although it’s not quite winter, you’ll find that preparing for cold weather and frozen precipitation now will help you later. Your heating costs and electricity bills will go down and you’ll gain peace of mind in knowing that you and your home are efficiently prepared for winter.

Seal in the heat, seal out the cold
You may think that your home is warm and cozy, but how much of your valuable heat is seeping out without you knowing? The answer could be a lot. Consider sealing your windows, either by weather sealing them or caulking them. Weather sealing is removable in the spring and is easy to apply. Caulking will ensure drafts can’t get in, keeping your house as warm and insulated as it can be. Both options are great if you don’t want to replace your windows, which is a very effective but expensive option.

Don’t let your money go up in smoke!
When not in use, your fireplace could be a heat eliminator in your home, instead of a way of warming you up. The easiest solution? Cover your fireplace when you aren’t planning on using it. Much like those drafty windows, your fireplace is letting precious heat out into the world! You can easily purchase a fireplace draftstopper (described as an inflatable pillow) which acts as a sealant between your fireplace and the open air. Use it only when you don’t use your fireplace, and remove it when you want a roaring fire. Simple!

Check Your Furnace Before Winter
One of the most important things to have in the winter is a working furnace. It goes without saying that without a furnace, your home is guaranteed to be very cold! However, many people forget to get their furnace checked before winter, and end up regretting the consequences. Turning on your furnace before it snows is an easy thing to do, and you can make sure everything is working properly before snow starts falling. If an odd smell permeates your home for a long time after you test your furnace, it’s recommended that you get a professional to look at it. It’s a lot easier to fix your furnace when the weather is still nice, instead of waiting around until it gets cold out!

With these easy tips, winterizing your home will be a breeze. You’ll find more time to do the things that are perfect for the autumn season, like apple picking and pumpkin carving, because you took care of winterizing your home early!

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