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Estes Answers Some Of Your Questions

Our team at Estes Custom Builders is always busy with new projects, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have time to answer your questions! In the past month you’ve asked some great questions and we have answers for you!

What projects are Estes Custom Builders working on right now?

Our Summer has been busy with new and ongoing projects. We just finished a beautiful house off of Elmwood in Westbrook at Wildwood circle. It’s 1800 sq. ft with a 2 car garage, listed at 289,000.

We’re spending a lot of time in Westbrook lately, devoting a lot of time to our condo project on Falmouth Street. We just had a great open house. These condos are in a great location and start at a very affordable 219,000.

We’re in the process of flipping 3 houses right now which is always an adventure. We’re so excited to finish these properties, 2 of which are in Westbrook, the 3rd is in Portland. If all of that didn’t seem like enough, we have 3 spec houses finished and listed at 200,000, and several custom homes in the design stage. We love being busy, so we’re excited to take on even more projects!

Do you have any advice for someone considering relocating to Maine?

Do it!! Maine is such a great place to raise a family. We (Nick Estes, Mike Regula) grew up in Maine and have so many great childhood memories. In Maine you have access to everything; the ocean, lakes, mountains, and even if you move to a small town, it’s usually a quick drive to whatever you need.

There has never been a better time to move to the greater Portland area. Business is booming and people here are friendly and genuinely happy. Portland’s new slogan is “Yes, Life’s Good Here” and it’s true!

If you’re thinking about moving to Maine, a custom home can be so much easier than trying to buy an older home.The moving process is so stressful to begin with, and trying to purchase a house in a different state at the same time can be overwhelming. We can build you the home of your dreams and save so much time for you.

Nearly every step of the process can be done via phone or email, so you won’t have to drive back and forth. When you and your family arrive in Maine your new home will be move-in ready. We also offer a great warranty which makes the process even easier.

What sets Estes Custom Builders apart?

In short, we truly care. We care about the customer, we care about the finished product. We know what quality is and we won’t rest until you get exactly what you want. A custom home should be perfect, and we will work with you every step of the way to make sure every detail is exactly what you want. We are always happy to answer questions like these, so keep them coming!

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