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Estes Reports Ideal Conditions for New Home Construction in Maine this 2012 Spring/Summer Season

New Home Construction in Maine During these uneasy economic times, especially for Maine homeowners, silver linings can be hard to come by. Fortunately, Estes Custom Builders understands the plight of first time homebuyers and offers them considerable shelter from the storm — 100% financing shelter that is.

With RE/MAX reporting a “stabilization in median home prices,” it looks like 2012’s spring/summer season is turning out to be an ideal time to build for first time Maine homeowners. Maine’s Rural Development Program helps first time homebuyers qualify for 100% financing and Estes Custom Builders has taken notice.

In a report by Estes, first time homebuyers are walked through the process of qualifying for the Rural Development Program. Maine homebuyers can get a good understanding of how to qualify for the 100% financing through two key areas, location and median income.

In a nutshell, the report explains the benefits of new home construction and outlines the areas and income levels needed to qualify for the program. Estes believes most first time homebuyers will qualify without a problem and even offers to help owners choose and inspect the land before purchase, helping to avoid the pitfalls of unsuitable land conditions, zoning complications and a host of other legal concerns new to most first time buyers.

“We are excited to help first time homeowners see how they can qualify for 100% financing and can often get them into the home of their dreams in less than eight weeks,” says Nick Estes, Founder of Estes Custom Builders. “Combine the new financing program with recent stabilization in the market and you have the best building conditions Maine has seen in years.”

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