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How to Pick the Right Maine Home Building Contractor

Maine Home Building Contractor

Know What You Don’t Know

Picking the right contractor is the most important step in any home construction or remodeling project. Few things are more frustrating than trusting a contractor to complete a home build or renovation, only to find out later that the work was not done correctly.

On the other hand, nothing feels better than coming back to the home of your dreams. The best way to ensure your experience is a pleasant one is to educate yourself as to how the process should go. No one want’s to be overcharged, have work left unfinished or deal with poor quality; not to mention messy work areas or legal problems. Below are some helpful tips to help you find the best Maine Home Building Contractor:

Choosing A Good  Team

Working with a team is more likely to give you the results you’re looking for.  People who work together on a regular basis know each other’s strengths and weaknesses allowing them to avoid problem areas and put the best person on the job for a particular phase of the project. They’re also likely to move faster and experience fewer delays because of the heightened communication.

References – Examples You Can See

Any contractor should be happy to provide you with at least a few good, recent references. Customer testimonials are a great sign, but always ask to walk the property and see it for yourself. An experienced contractor should have work they’re proud to show off.  Photos are great but living proof beats photos every time.

The Legal Grab Bag

A quick call to the State of Maine will tell you what licenses your builder should carry.  Above what the State may or may not require, always ask for proof of workers' compensation and general liability insurance. Make sure to have a copy of the insurance as a lack of insurance could mean that anyone injured on the job may come looking for you to pay their medical bills.

At Least 5 Years In Business

Asking for proof that the company or contractor has been in business for at least 5 years ensures that they will probably stay in business through the completion of your project and that they have enough revenue to order all the supplies they need without relying on your payment to keep them operational.

Know The Area

Maine is a breathtakingly beautiful state, but it can be harsh too. Cold weather, rural locations, and seaside construction are but a few of the unique challenges that an inexperienced contractor may be unprepared to deal with. Make sure you pick a contractor who knows Maine and has built here several times before.

Quotes & Contracts

Make sure to get at least 3 quotes before you settle on a particular contractor.  The quotes can be very revealing about the process and lead you to questions you didn’t know you had. A good quote will work seamlessly into the contract and includes clean-up, a plan for how many and which workers will be on the site each day and expected time of completion for each phase of the project.

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