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Protect Your Lawn & Garden This Winter

frostyAs winter creeps up on us, we spend time making sure that our homes are ready for the colder months ahead. However, many people forget to protect the most vulnerable part of their home: their lawn and garden! From dealing with leaves to moving lawn furniture, there are several easy ways to keep your lawn and garden healthy through the winter!

Fallen Leaves Can Be Useful!
Everyone loves the fall foliage, especially here in New England. But every fall, they start to become a nuisance, especially when they are all over your lawn. Not to worry, because they can actually help your garden or lawn. There are a few options.

First, you could compost them. Gather up your leaves and put them in a bag. Add some grass clippings or something green to the bag and tie it tightly. This will help speed up the composting process. When the compost is finished you’ll know because the bag will look inflated. That’s the gases that were produced as the leaves decomposed. You can now spread it around your plants and lawn. Be sure to avoid tree trunks, because you’ll end up damaging the bark on your trees. The compost is great for your garden, and you’re left with fewer leaves around your lawn!

The second option is mulching the leaves into your lawn. This is similar to composting, but takes a lot less time. When you mow your lawn, leave the leaves on your grass instead of removing them. All you have to do is mow over them. Make sure to wear a mask when you’re mowing, because the leaf particles could be inhaled, causing damage to your lungs. After you’ve mowed them into your lawn, the leaf particles will break down into the soil, making your lawn even healthier!

One thing you should not do is burn your leaves. Although you may remember your parents burning their leaves in the fall when you were growing up, it’s actually extremely bad for the environment, as well as for you and your neighbors. The leaf particles in the smoke can get caught in your lungs and cause irritation, and the fire will emit carbon monoxide and other potentially dangerous toxins. If you do choose to burn your leaves, make sure you have a permit from the city, and wear a protective mask if you’re around the fire.

Bring in Toys & Outdoor Furniture

Don’t forget about your patio furniture from the summer or your child’s favorite toys. These items may look indestructible but in the elements, they’ll break down or rust, damaging the grass beneath them and becoming an eyesore. Protect the toys and your lawn by either bringing them into your home (if you have room) or storing them in a garage or storage area. By doing this, you can save yourself hundreds of dollars in the future, and you won’t have to worry about your furniture and kids toys being stuck in the cold and snow.

By using these tips for keeping your lawn and garden healthy in the winter, you’ll save yourself time and money when the snow melts and your lawn is still in great condition!

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