Party-Proof Your House With These Smart Tips!

Tis the season for partying the night away! And this year, you were bold and invited all your friends and co-workers over for a New Years party at your home. With parties also comes messes: inevitably, red wine on your white sofa and guests tracking in snow and slush when they walk in the door. Use some of these tips for party proofing and you will feel calm and collected instead of frantic when hosting this season. Continue reading “Party-Proof Your House With These Smart Tips!” »

Protect Your Home By Avoiding These Holiday Hazards

Holiday Hazard CollageThe snow is falling gently outside your window, and the eggnog is out on the kitchen table. Yes, we’ve made it to the holiday season, complete with Christmas trees and Menorahs for Hanukkah. But do you know how to protect your home? Be prepared with these tips and you won’t have to add your home’s safety to your list of things to worry about this holiday season. Continue reading “Protect Your Home By Avoiding These Holiday Hazards” »

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