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Turning Your New House Into A Home On A Budget

Welcome Home!

They say that home is where the heart is, but it always takes some time and effort to turn your new house into your family’s home. Chances are, after you’ve spent the money on your new house there isn’t a lot left over to add the personal details that will make your home and yard feel like it’s truly your own. Don’t fret, with a little creativity and these helpful tips you’ll be feeling at home in no time!

Create Rock Gardens Like A Pro!
Rock gardens look fantastic in any type of yard, from the flat & small to hilly & spacious. Rock gardens are great because they are easy and cheap to create and they can be any shape or size. If your existing soil is good, all you’ll need to purchase is a bag of organic fertilizer/ top soil mix, a bag of mulch, and some starter plants. To fill up a large space, try sturdy green plants like Holly or Hosta. For a smaller garden opt for small flowers like Geraniums and ground covering succulents like Hens & Chicks. (Insert links to images or wikis)

Once you’ve decided on the area where you wish to plant, create a perimeter with your shovel and rid the area of weeds, roots and grass. Use a trowel or your hands to remove rocks and mix your top soil mix with the dirt. Dig small holes and plant your flowers, giving them plenty of space between eachother. Be sure to water the plants and then gently cover the garden with a layer of mulch, sprinkling it with your hands around each plant to avoid damaging them.

Get The Whole Family To Help
After you plant, border your garden with similarly sized rocks or beach stones. Stones should be at least the size of your fist, set as close together as possible in your desired shape.. Beautiful stones for the border can usually be found in the woods or near bodies of water. If you don’t like the look of rocks, try bricks, shells or even distinctive bottles, stuck top down around the border.To add some color, let the kids paint a few of the border stones.These rustic gardens add color to your lawn, cost very little to create and make a great family project.

Gorgeous Furniture That Won’t Break The Bank
Retail furniture can be pricey and often lacks character and quality. Finding older furniture and giving it a little TLC can save money and leave you with a beautiful result that you helped to create! In summertime, try looking at local listings for yard sales. People often use yard sales as a way to get rid of great furniture that they just don’t have room for. Look for sturdy wooden pieces like chairs, headboards and end tables that can easily be sanded and re-painted. Avoid upholstered furniture to keep unwelcome pests out of your new home.

Sit Back And Enjoy The Fruits Of Your Labor!
By putting a little bit of work and creativity into decorating your house and yard you can save money and make memories. Every member of the family can help with these easy projects, leaving you with an end result that will last for years to come and make your new house feel more like your home!


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