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Turning An Older House Into A Beautiful, Modern Home

Turning An Older House Into A Modern Home

Another Beautiful Summer, Another Great Project!
Here at Estes Custom Builders we’ve had a busy Summer! The warmer months are a perfect time for us to do big projects, and we’re always excited to show off the end result. This case was unique because the home had been vacant for 10 years and needed a lot of work. When we first saw the house at 74 Illsely Street in Portland we saw how much potential it had and knew that with some hard work we could turn it into a beautiful home.

A Diamond In The Rough
Flipping houses is one of our favorite things to do, so when we saw the dated and dusty interior of the vacant property we thought of it as a blank canvas. After gutting the house almost entirely we were ready to begin. Inspired by many of the other beautiful historic houses in Portland, we entered the project with a plan to do all we could to maintain the home’s history and character

Upgrading and Updating Makes A Big Difference!
To ensure that the house was ready to become a home, we replaced the electrical and plumbing. To give the house some traditional New England charm we floored each room with refinished hardwoods, giving the home a cozy and rustic feel. We choose hardwood floors whenever possible for their attractiveness and durability. With these upgrades complete we felt ready to tackle the rest of the house. (PIC)

Cooking Up A Beautiful & Functional Kitchen
We decided to start with everyone’s favorite room, the kitchen! We installed charming cherry finish cabinets, giving the kitchen lots of storage space. Next, we added a modern touch with high quality, stainless steel appliances. To ensure the chef of the family could create great meals for years to come, we installed beautiful granite countertops – a New England staple. With the kitchen finished this long-neglected house began to feel like a home. (PIC)

A Home Fit For A Family
To make the home spacious enough for a family, we added two new dormers to the second floor, creating more functional space. We designed and built a comfortable and stunning master bedroom suite with a luxurious bath and living area. To complete the second floor and maximize the available space we added an additional bedroom, completing our work on the interior of the house. (PIC)

Giving New Life To An Old Home
To give the home instant curb appeal we planted and landscaped the yard and painted the exterior of the house. We build a beautiful porch for the future owners to enjoy on Maine’s warm summer days.In order to keep the house safe and dry through Maine’s unpredictable seasons, we fully replaced the roof; giving the house a finished look like icing on a cake. We are so proud of the end result and we can’t wait for this house to become someone’s new home!

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