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Winter Home Building In Maine

With temperatures dropping and flurries in the forecast Estes Custom Builders thought it would be a great time to discuss home building in Maine, during the winter months. We wanted to break 3 popular myths around constructing a new home during the winter! There are some serious perks about deciding to build at this time. New technologies, building methods and products now allow new home builders to effectively build throughout the winter months.

Myth One: “Building a new home in the winter will take a lot longer.” While it is true that inclement weather and severe cold can slow the build process down, Estes Custom Builders has experienced overall faster build times. The reason for this is during the winter months we see towns issuing permits faster because fewer people are applying for them. Also, with fewer homes being built, there is a much larger selection of contractors available to home builders.

Myth Two: “Building in the winter can reduce the strength of your foundation.” The cold weather actually has the opposite effect. The curing process of the cement may take longer in the winter however, the cold temperatures can result in an even stronger foundation than it normally would.

Myth Three: “Accumulating snow storms will prevent work from proceeding.” In the case of accumulating snow or a famous Maine Nor’easter, it is actually much easier to tarp off a home to keep snow out rather than protect a construction site during a rainstorm in the spring or summer.

Additional Perks

Building in the winter means your home will be ready in the spring. Relocating in the spring and early summer is much easier on a family especially when switching school systems. Children can have the entire summer to meet new friends in the area before starting in a new school in the fall.

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